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Posted on 05-06-2013

"If you are lucky enough to find a way of life you love, you have to find the courage to live it." - John Irving

That sentence says quite a bit, doesn't it?  There is a certain lifestyle change you must be willing to embrace if you are to change habits to a healthier life.  Habit drags us back.  The purpose of this blog is to help you experience success, not failure!  Are you READY to change?  I'd like to write this about changing your lifestyle to become healthier, physically.  Instead, I'm going to write this about becoming BETTER and the healthier lifestyle will follow!  Your lifestyle is important for what it allows you to do and what it keeps you from doing.  When the changes happen spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, and physically then lasting changes become much, MUCH more permanent.

I've seen this over and over: people will just focus on one or two areas of their life but not embrace all the change they need to in order to reach success.  How many times have we seen someone start taking a vitamin or supplement in order to lose weight, but not do the physical exercises necessary to help that supplement work?  How many times have we seen someone go into business only to be dead broke one year later because they didn't follow proper business principles or get a good banker, lawyer, coach, or employees?  


The way you think may be unhealthy and not based upon facts.  It could be negative, counterproductive, and have a self sabotage theme to it.  This is done because a person does not know how to handle success because of the lies they believe from the past.  It may well be done because someone or something robbed them of some degree of success in the past.  When those subconscious thoughts permeate through your mind, then you start personally sabotaging your own success.  


1. Deal with stress!  Get it done and over with - act promptly to stop stressful events and stop letting others stress you out!

2. Visualization - practice some meditation or prayer.  See yourself being sucked into the results you want because your desire is that strong.

3. Keep a positive attitude.  Make sure you minimize time spent with negative people.  Read material that is inspirational.

4. Don't be resistant to help from those who have the results you want.  A person living a life of success has obviously learned principles that work even if they have not had your experiences.


Change = pain and discomfort.  Count on it.  It will be painful to see your wrong attitudes.  As we change the way we act and perceive the world, our friends may not understand why our behavior is changing.  One of the MOST painful is when our perception of God changes.  It can be painful to acknowledge that we have had a wrong concept of God.  After all none of us like to be wrong.  Many are not willing to go through the "pain and suffereing" of permanent change.  They want to maintain the same thinking and behavior hoping for different results.  Isn't this one of the definitions of insane?


A person needs to learn to trust others who have experienced permanent lifestyle changes and who are on the same journey as themselves.  Many times individuals can get stuck, because they are trying to do things on their own.  When we are on the road to recovery or improvement, we need others to share their observations, to hold us accountable, and to learn from their successes.  Just because we have been hurt in the past by those we may have trusted, nothing says that we will be hurt again.  Also, many times we interpret a person who challenges us as being against us because we really do not want to pay the price to change.  However, for real change to take place we need to trust the guidance of those who are walking in success and recovery, realizing that they also fall short at times.  In other words, we don't put them on a pedestal because we will then easily get offended when they are not "perfect".


For most people slow but steady change is much more effective than something that happens quickly.  Drastic changes lifestyle changes normally do not last.  They reason why they do not last is that it takes more than the change of behavior for lasting change to occur.  We need to also change how we think and how we see things.  Otherwise in time, we will fall back to the old ways of living because of what we believe.  If you believe you will always be fat, you will ultimately quit any diet or exercise program no matter how stringent and serious you were about losing weight and how quickly you lost the weight.


Pure determination leads to confidence.  When you make the decision to get it done, nothing will stop you.  If you struggle with will power or determination, you'll have to refocus your will power.  You already have it.  I'll give an example.  A person has a struggle with overeating on cookies.  Their spouse decides to hide the cookies.  The person will do anything to find the cookies.  If they can't find them they will go to the store in the middle of the night.  They will do whatever it takes to eat some cookies.  Do they NOT have will power?  Yes and no.  They may not have the willpower to to resist the cookies, but they have the will power to do whatever it takes to get the cookies.  So, they do have a strong will.  They just need to take that pure determination to get some cookies and turn it around to be determined to do right.


Chiropractic was designed to help people to become healthy!  Chiropractic is about changing your lifestyle to be in alignment with health.  If you will use the benefits that chiropractic provides you will see healthier results.  Are you ready to make healthy changes in your lifestyle?  Are you as healthy as you want to be?  Take the time to read my other blogs to help you to grow and change the way you think, especially about your health!  


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