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Posted on 05-14-2013

I've been writing on the healthcare industry for at least 20 years and I keep noticing the very same BS advertised by big business that claims to be in the "Healthcare/Fitness" field.  Those of you who have followed me know that when I see BS, I don't sugarcoat the fact that it is BS!  These are some really bad abnormalities that I've seen within our population and what is sad is that people actually believe some of these.  Don't get me wrong here though.  There are plenty of great products out there for people to use and enjoy.  But the following are garbage and are the ones that have consistently frustrated me for the past 20 years because people think these things are normal and they aren't!

1.  Magazine covers.  You know the ones, with the sexy model on the front in a provocative outfit or swimsuit?  With headlines across the front of the magazine like "Tone Your Buns With This 90 Second Workout" or "Abs in 2 Weeks".  I know headlines like "How to Lose Weight Slowly/Healthily So It Will Stay Off" aren't going to get people to hand over their money as quickly (although that headline would probably get me to hand over some cash more quickly).  Some people would think that anything that gets people moving is a good thing.  I don't.  It teaches people bad habits from the start and those habits will eventually lead to reverting to old lifestyle habits.

2.  "Foods" Masquerading as "Health Food" - the food industry will do their best to slap an organic label on their products and call it healthy.  That's EXACTLY why there are nutrition labels on foods!  So you can tell if the actual "food" is better quality.  It doesn't matter if it's made with organic ingredients or not, low quality food is lower quality!  Get in the habit of looking at the nutrition labels for one month!  Then you KNOW what kind of quality you are getting from the food you consume.  And after a month, the food labels are simple to decipher.

3.  RIDICULOUS FAT LOSS SUPPLEMENTS - if I see another acai berry or green coffee bean fat loss commercial, I'm gonna devote the rest of my life to eradicating those two plants!  I see those supplements in grocery stores and health food stores and half of them are GONE!  All because Dr. Oz or  Oprah or someone like that gave it an OK.  I'm being BRUTAL now - fat loss supplements work with a great diet and exercise program.  If you don't have the diet/exercise going for you, why on earth are you taking some overpriced and unnecessary supplement?  That's my main beef with those supplements: people take those products and don't change a single other thing about their lifestyle and then they wonder why they aren't losing weight!  Stop falling for this kind of stupidity and develop some common sense!!

4. Worthless workout equipment - I laugh my tail off at some of the ridiculous stuff I see that allows you to sit around and have your abdominal muscles shocked or pick up a vibrating/shaking weight.  I get a real kick out of people thinking special stupid equipment like that is going to help them become healthier.  Besides, something like 90% of workout equipment will never be used 6 months from now.  And yes, I have my own workout equipment that I bought so stinking cheaply you'd cry if I told you how much I paid for it by shopping at garage sales given by overweight people on Saturday mornings.  I have real weights.  My equipment will last me the rest of my life.  There are no special moving parts, unless you want to count the bicycle, my skeleton and muscles, or my weights.

5.  Weight loss ads - those are worthless!  Imprint that on your brain so thoroughly that if they removed your skull, you could read it on your brain tissue!  "Would you like to lose your belly fat by never eating these 4 foods?"  Please!!  Plenty of the late night fitness infomercials are also scams.  They show FIT people doing exercises that they never did ONCE to get their physiques!  I know you see the before/after pictures.  Did you know those can be done in one day?  Yep, sure can.............with special lighting and digital computer manipulation you TOO can lose 30 pounds in one afternoon!  C'mon folks................if it's too good to be true...............it probably is.

6.  Obviously marketing to your insecurities - I hear these on the radio, mostly.  These really work the weak points in your physique and try your very soul.  Miss your high school body?  Can't lose weight no matter what you try?  Embarrassed about how you look in bed?  I know these are hard to ignore, and yeah sometimes I miss my high school body.  Marketers know what buttons to push to find your insecurities.  They know making that connection with you is their number one goal to sell their product. My basic rule is that if a pitch for a fitness product gives me a negative emotion, ignore that product and the sales pitch.  My first thought is WHY is this sales pitch making ME feel bad about myself?  What is going on in my mind to give me that emotion?  Find the origin of "WHY is this sales pitch making me feel (whatever negative emotion) right now?"  Answer that question and act on it!!  You will certainly be on your way to a healthier lifestyle once you've processed THAT emotion.

7.  Personal fitness trainers who don't have a clue - don't judge a personal trainer by their cover (body).  Don't for a second assume that because someone is a personal trainer with a great body that they know what they are talking about.  I've met some really dumb people with good bodies that don't know how they got their physiques.  They just work out and eat whatever and then give advice (not necessarily accurate advice).  What makes a good trainer or coach is not what they look like or how much they know or their certifications, but really on how well they are able to inspire and motivate change in their clients.  A great trainer will give their clients the tools, motivation, inspiration, principles, and will help them adhere to their program until they are ready to fly on their own.  If you want a personal trainer, talk to them and interview them.  Don't judge them by their body, but instead what is between their ears.  If they sound like they don't have a brain or it's just a job for them and they aren't passionate about what they are doing, find someone else.  And just in case you are wondering, yes I have been a personal trainer before and yes, I can take on a new client or two (I try to make sure I spend more time in my clinic than in the gym).  However, alot of the information you need can be found on my 5 principle diet/exercise DVD program here at the office.  There are also many, MANY other sources to help you!  If you have a question you can email me or call the office at 601-924-4647.  I'll be happy to talk with you.

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