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Posted on 08-06-2013

Yeah, I know.  The title got your interest, didn't it?  It was supposed to!!  One of the main reasons people come into my office is because of pain.  Pain does happen to be a good motivator and it's no joke, but it IS normal under one very specific circumstance.  I've asked literally hundreds of people and probably THOUSANDS of my own patients what pain means.  Usually the response is something along the lines of "It indicates something is wrong."  Nope, that is NOT what it indicates.  What it indicates is something much more simple.

Everybody ready for the answer?  Pain ONLY indicates TISSUE DAMAGE.  That's it.  Nothing else.  You can count on feeling pain 100% of the time if you have injured some tissue resulting in some kind of tissue damage.  It will be there, count on it.  Does it indicate something else?  Nope, only tissue damage.  Is it a good indicator of your health?  Nope.  Does it show that something is wrong?  It is only present if you had some tissue damage. If you have some tissue damage and you DON'T have some pain then it's abnormal.  VERY abnormal.  Does it show up in cases of diabetes, hypertension, or cancer?  NOPE, not unless there is some tissue damage due to those conditions.  How about mosquito bites, bee or wasp stings?  They all inject a sort of "venom" that is irritable to human tissue and causes cellular damage at the site of those bites and stings.  Some of those bites and stings can be more "venomous" than others.

What is a better indicator of your health?  Well, that's pretty simple.  Normal blood sugar levels, heart rate, blood pressure, normal urine chemistry, normal Pap smears and mammograms (for females), normal prostate findings (for males), normal bone densities, shall I continue?  As you can see there are many, many indicators for your health.  That's why it's important to see your chiropractor regularly.  Chiropractic can catch many of those conditions before they become worse and require medications or (even worse!) surgery to treat.  This is one of the important factors that help distinguish the chiropractic and health related fields from the crisis care or medical/surgical fields.  Yes we treat pain caused by tissue damage but chiropractors are also experts at helping our patients maintain their health through adjustments, proper exercise, and dietary and nutritional measures.  Always keep in the back of your mind that pain is one of the last things to appear and first things to go away during any condition.  All pain indicates is that tissue damage has finally occurred due to whatever disease process is happening in your body.  

In the next week, I'll be offering free backpack checks to school bound children as part of my backpack safety program.  Just call the office, 601 924 4647 to make an appointment for your child.  Bring them to their appointment, bring their books and their backpack, and I'll be happy to help make sure they have proper support for the amount of weight they are carrying and give you the information you'll need to make sure their growing spine doesn't get any permanent damage from the amount of weight they carry daily.  We can also prescribe them a 5 - 10 minute flexibility program to do in the afternoons so that the compression from the backpack that child has endured during the day can be counteracted during the evening periods.  Also, watch for the newsletters going out during the next week or two concerning back pack safety for back to schoolchildren.

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