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Posted on 10-23-2014

Probably the most often heard question about chiropractic: "I've had surgery and I am still in pain!  Can you still help me?"  The answer is almost always "YES!".  The most unfortunate thing I've run into in my career is the next question I ask "Who was your chiropractor before the surgery?"  Between 80 and 90 percent of the time, I hear "Oh I haven't seen a chiropractor before." 

I know not everyone understands chiropractic care and I try to be as patient as possible with people who have gone the route of surgery before chiropractic without completely understanding the risks involved when performing surgery.  One of the reasons to visit a chiropractor regularly is to make your health better so you won't need surgery.  A chiropractor will not only help adjust your skeleton for better mobility and health, he can also help you with your dietary and exercise adjustments to keep off extra weight and increase your mobility.  There is a huge number of conservative things in health care you can do to help prevent more invasive procedures like drugs and surgeries.  Chiropractors are well versed in those things, just like dentists are experts in preventing tooth decay and gum disease.  However, we all know tooth decay and gum disease occur and require more invasive procedures once they have been contracted.  Chiropractors, just like dentists, are preventative and are great at basic checkups and keeping healthy.  Spinal surgeries are necessary at times when there is too much deterioration for a chiropractor to reduce.   However, when you have had spinal surgery does it mean you shouldn't return to your regular chiropractic visits?  Of course not!  That would be similar to saying that since you've had some gum surgery, you don't need to return to the dentist. 

Chiropractic care as a follow up to spine surgery is a great idea!  In fact there have been a number of research reports on that very subject and if you Google "spine surgeries and chiropractic" you'll be able to see a large number of them, but make sure you give the better researched papers more credibility.  After all, it's the internet and you'll end up with a number of silly unsubstantiated opinions in that search along with some really good research!

Halloween is coming and if your child goes trick or treating, you may certainly come by the clinic with their bag of Halloween candy to have it x rayed for foreign objects (yeah, that mean needles, razors, other dangerous objects some sicko idiot may have put in your kid's candy).  It's a free service I've been doing for years to make sure that bag of goodies only contains worthless sugars and carbs and not something more dangerous!

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